Coming in 2016: The Cowboys and Vikings Trilogy Dance-for-Camera Film

The Cowboys and Vikings Trilogy dance-for-camera film is coming soon!

The dance film version of the The Cowboys and Vikings Trilogy will premier in 2016. This dance-for-camera was created by Erica Mott Productions in collaboration with filmmaker Mark Comiskey, musician, Ryan Ingebritsen, and the talented cast of performers, Christopher Knowlton, Blake Russell, Bryan Saner, Brian Shaw & Jason Torres Hancock.

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“Performer Erica Mott fiercely claims that space, that charged crossroads, where self & society and art & life collide and set sparks flying. With deeply felt creativity and a keen sense of community, in her performance work Erica makes more room for all of us to breathe!”
Tim Miller Performer and author of BODY BLOWS and 1001 BEDS