Audre Budrys Nakas

Audre Budrys Nakas (singer) is a teacher, actor, and director. She teaches drama at the University of  Chicago Laboratory Schools, and has taught at the Piven Theatre Workshop as well as the Chicago College of Performing Arts/Roosevelt University. She has directed university productions at Roosevelt as well as youth productions at Lab. In Chicago Audre has acted in shows with TUTA, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Piven, and the Bridge, and has also performed with the Drama Theatres of Šiauliai and Kaunas, in Lithuania. She wrote and performed Une Baye, a solo piece about the life of Lithuanian actress Une Babickaite-Baye and performed it at Chicago’s Rhino Fest, Prop Theatre, and also in New York, Boston, and in Washington DC as part of the EU sponsored cultural festival, Europe Week. Audre also performed in DC at the Kids Euro Festival, presenting two of her one-woman shows, Night Herders, based on the acclaimed short story by Vaižgantas, and Milda the Wonderkid in Vingis Park.