Emmy Bean

Emmy Bean (vocal composer) is a singer, performer and teaching artist living in Chicago. She writes songs and performs with Chris Schoen and T-Roy Martin in 80 Foots, Chicago’s only End Times Vocal Trio. She performs frequently with Opera-Matic in the parks on Chicago’s northwest side, and with John Szymanski in the Monthly Music Club. Emmy teaches in Chicago Public Schools with Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education and in children’s hospitals with Snow City Arts. Recent performance work includes: You’re His Child, a solo performance, A Memory Palace of Fear with Theater Oobleck, Erica Mott’s Trials and Trails at Steelworkers Park, Baudelaire in a Box with Theatre Oobleck, The Carter Family Family Show with the Neo-Futurists. She holds an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College Chicago.