Newcity Stage honors Erica Mott in “Players 2016: The Fifty People Who Really Perform for Chicago”

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Soon after naming Erica Mott one of the “Top 5 Game-Changing Dance Makers in 2015“, Newcity Stage has honored Erica Mott Production’s again with the distinction of “Players 2016: The Fifty People Who Really Perform for Chicago.”

Newcity Stage describes Erica’s recent accomplishments:

“Choreographer and performer Erica Mott works with crews of creative collaborators—dramaturgs, video designers, vocal coaches, installation artists and her longtime creative partner composer Ryan Ingebritsen—to create complex, interdisciplinary productions underpinned by extensive cultural research. “Cowboys and Vikings,” her trilogy exploring masculine archetypes, toured the city in 2015, in a series of site-specific performances. Most daring was her raw, challenging-to-sit-through “technopera” “3 Singers,” a heavily researched sensory onslaught of sound and visual detail that explored women’s rights in the textile industry.”

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