Touring Works Information: Revised and Revisited

Revised and Revisited Live Performance
Duration 45 minutes

Revised and Revisited is an ambulatory live performance including storytelling, puppetry, dance and soundscapes that take the audience on a journey through immigration and assimilation in the United States. Each performance is followed with a community discussion on immigration history and personal identity.

Revised and Revisited Durational Installation
4-6 hours daily.

Installation should be in a storefront or gallery with foot traffic. This durational version of Revised and Revisited invites passerbys to engage with a living palimpsest installation discussing their cultural history and enacting rituals of erasure and re-writing history.

Revised and Revisited Dance Film
Duration 17 minutes

A short dance for the camera version of the performance and durational installation versions of Revised and Revisited. Available for gallery showings and inclusion in film festivals.