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Thank you to 3AP and our generous donors!
We achieved our first fundraising goal…It doesn’t end here though!

The 3 Singers creative team is so excited and grateful to have achieved our first fundraising goal to support the installation of a month-long exhibition of dramaturgical research, as well as final development and distribution of an interactive smartphone application.  

3AP: 3 Singers: Erica Mott

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These generous donations will help to pay:

  • A museum exhibition coordinator who will assist in selecting the most compelling content for the 19 video screens in the exhibition space at theNational Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago
  • A programmer who will cultivate the interactivity of information from the exhibition in the smartphone app.

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The creative team of 3 Singers is honored to be the inaugural commission at the newly built headquarters for the Tadeusz Kantor museum at the Crickoteca Center in Krakow, Poland. 3 Singers will premiere in Poland November 6th-8th, 2014.

Our next fundraising goal is to raise $5,000 towards airfare and shipping costs to Poland.  In addition to seven performers and designers, we must transport three vintage singer sewing machines, 90 feet of metal piping, and over 270 feet of fabric screens to Eastern Europe.

Please visit and make a donation to help us get to Poland!