• “Erica is a vibrant performance-maker, installationist and choreographer engaged with distinctive creative research and methodology, effectively complimented by articulate and generous teaching skills, mentoring, community and audience building, and public discussion about her work.”
    CJ Mitchell, Deputy Director Live Arts Development Agency, UK
  • “Performer Erica Mott fiercely claims that space, that charged crossroads, where self & society and art & life collide and set sparks flying. With deeply felt creativity and a keen sense of community, in her performance work Erica makes more room for all of us to breathe!”
    Tim Miller Performer and author of BODY BLOWS and 1001 BEDS
  • “Ingenious”
    Laura Molzahn Chicago Reader (Critics Choice)
  • “Erica is a fierce performer and art maker able to conduct rigorous research, speak articulately to her process and create performance steeped within this process without losing the heart and humor of her artistic vision and aesthetic”
    Guillermo Gomez-Pena, MacArthur and Bessie Award-Winning performance artist and writer
  • “Erica‚Äôs work re-imagines form, performance, and how we might bridge aesthetics and societal constructs. Her work defies labels. Instead of allowing her work to be limited by the boxing of venues, she expands her notion of what a venue might be. Nothing is wasted. Everything is invention-embodied.”
    Sharon Bridgforth, New Dramatists Resident Playwright and Academic. Editor of Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic.