Become a part of our Mycelial Network!

Find out more about our process in our 3Arts campaign video! Shot and edited Jon Satrom.

Mycelial: Street Parliament is a performance and cultural dialogue project taking root through a series of one-to-one creative exchanges between American and Egyptian composers, computer programmers, dancers, data scientists and new media artists. Although many of my projects have been cross-discipline, Mycelial takes me into new territory by working cross-culturally. It’s an exciting extension of my practice, fueling new ideas for my art work and my work as a citizen AND it’s requiring more resources and support than I have ever needed before. So in the spirit of our namesake “mycelium“, I am building a larger network of support.  

In collaboration with 3Arts, we are launching a 3AP Campaign to help gather support for the third collaborative residency and public showing. 3AP (3Arts Projects) is a unique crowdfunding and grantmaking platform with a built-in match that helps current and past 3Arts awardees to finance new creative work. 3Arts pledges 1/3 of each project’s funding goal, charges no fees to artists, and provides mentoring and technical support.

Please watch the video (beautifully made by Jon Satrom), give what you can and support us through word of mouth. You actions can extend our community bringing art and conversation to new audiences across the city of Chicago (and beyond!). Our initial goal is $5000, but we’ll need to reach well beyond that. With your help, we can create an immersive multimedia installation and performance where embodied experience can spark conversation around “otherness” and where artistic practice can become cultural diplomacy.

You can now donate directly to EMP’s 3Arts Projects Campaign! Click the link below to make a tax-deductible today.