Kristin Mariani

Kristin MarianiKristin Mariani is a Chicago based dressmaker, designer and artist. In her art and design practice she investigates hidden layers of labor discovered inside found clothand garments, incorporating physical responses to material that emphasize process,chance, and patience. In 2000 she founded her label RedShift; a line of contemporarycouture created from salvaged materials and found garments. Her designs havebeen described as work “that elevates the unique and the unrepeatable, and openlyacknowledges a connection to the material world of production and consumption.”She maintains an interdisciplinary practice creating works for dance, performance, andinstallation. These designs have been featured at The Museum of Contemporary Artand Rhona Hoffman Gallery in Chicago, The Kitchen and Joyce Theater Soho in NewYork, Conduit Gallery, Dallas, and CAM Houston.