3 Singers


3 Singers is a technopera–a performative convergence of vocal and electronic music composition, interactive technology, sound installation, choreography and video in an evolving and immersive installation. This technopera explores the role of women’s rights in the textile industry through three different periods of global history: pre-Civil War agricultural production, the Industrial Revolution, and the contemporary ‘sweatshop’. The structure of this evening length performance is arranged into three ‘song spirals’ that investigate significant historic moments and thematic underpinnings such as migration, language, and scale of catastrophe.

  • Spiral 1- Agriculture, Bird Song, and Avian Migration
  • Spiral 2- Industrial Revolution: Immigration, Protest Slogan, and Labor Organization
  • Spiral 3- Contemporary Sweat Shop: Physical Invisibility, Twitter, Digital Orality

Presented to sold-out audiences nationally and internationally, the Chicago Tribune describes the work as “tremendous yet compact” allowing “the viewer to fully experience and absorb its gradual evolutions and revelations.” (Laura Molzahn). To read more reviews of 3 Singers, please visit our press page.

Flexible in its presentation and ability to be site-specific, 3 Singers casts audience members as active participants and witnesses in environments of the performance. Audiences are invited to feel the discomfort and solidarity of the laborers and to contemplate their impact in the global economy and garment manufacturing industry.

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