Can we tweet a movement? Workshop at Alphawood Gallery

Hugh Sato digitizes a movement sequence from Egyptian collaborator Mounir Saeed during in Cairo in March.

This Sunday, Sept 17th from 11-3pm, Erica Mott Productions will activate Alphawood Gallery (2401 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL) with a special interactive movement technology workshop and discussion.

Based on research into GIFs and emojis as the ‘lingua franca’ of the internet and the role of social media during recent social movements, we ask: can we tweet a movement? Working with motion-capture technology developed for Mycelial: Street Parliament, we will guide Alphawood Gallery attendees in creating and recording embodied movement tweets responding to the current exhibition Then They Came For Me. At a pop-up recording station, participants will be invited to choose a charged keyword drawn from the exhibition and create a short movement phrase responding to that language.

Movement responses will continually be put in conversation with each other by overlaying and displaying them, creating an ever-growing embodied dialogue around the themes of the exhibition. Set against the stark history of Japanese-American internment during WWII, the workshop hopes to spark discussion around civic participation in the the digital age, contemporary oppression and what roles our bodies play in those systems.

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