Cowboys and Vikings Go Marching On

The Horace Mann Marching Mustangs open ‘Trials and Trails’ last September.

For the third year in a row, Erica Mott Productions will partner with the Chicago Park District to mount our lauded Cowboys and Vikings: Trials and Trails at Steelworkers Park as part of the City of Chicago’s Night Out in the Parks series. In addition to performances by our friends the Horace Mann Marching Mustangs, we are also excited to share the weekend with Chicago’s favorite punk rock marching band: Mucca Pazza!

This special shared weekend will be Fri Sept 29 & Sat Sept 30 at 7:30pm at Steelworks Park (87th St at the lakefront), with Mucca Pazza performing Friday evening, Erica Mott Productions performing Saturday evening and The Horace Mann Marching Mustangs open each night.

While researching the history of US Steel South Works, now the site of Steelworkers Park, we discovered that the steelworkers had formed a marching band as a recreational pastime. Providing much needed relief from the dangerous and difficult manual labor at the factory, the marching band also gave the diverse community of workers a means to cross cultural divides by sharing time, space and art.

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