Palimpsest 1.3 a hit at Toronto’s Free Fall Festival

Erica and long time collaborator, Coman Poon (re[public] in/decency) led a lecture performance, Palimpsest 1.3, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 and the 20th anniversary of NAFTA in conjunction with Toronto’s Festival for Experimental Performance, Free Fall.
Here’s what one of our viewers had to say:
During our exciting week at Free Fall, we worked beside an amazing group of performers from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. We were also joined by several art and culture makers from Chicago in the first ever Toronto/Chicago cultural exchange summit in conjunction with the festival. Our Chicago colleagues included Tricia Van Eck of 6018 North, Will Rogers of Victory Gardens Theater, Abigail Satinsky of Three Walls, Allison Peters Quinn of Hyde Park Arts Center and Anthony Mosley of Collaboraction.