Preview of “Revised and Revised” in Tulsa

This article appeared in today’s Tulsa World:

New Genre Festival performer invites audience to add stories By JAMES D. WATTS JR. World Scene Writer, 2/24/2012

Nevermind what the TV ads for products such as might say – delving into one’s family history is rarely easy or complete. Memories fade, documents disappear and unhappy truths are ignored as some families’ trees get relentlessly pruned, whether by chance or design. Yet an absence signifies that something, or someone, once was there. And nothing can ever be totally erased. “I had started investigating my own family lineage and history as part of a different project,” performance artist Erica Mott said. “And I ended up so intrigued by the strange disappearances and erasures from my own past that I created this piece.” “Revised and Revisited,” which will be presented Friday and Saturday as part of Living Arts of Tulsa’s New Genre Festival, is a performance installation that uses Mott’s own family history as a starting point to examine the process of memory, the permanence of what was once there and the rituals that can either keep a family together or tear them apart.

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Erica Mott will conduct a master class in “Cultural Erasure” and devising new dance with objects, 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday at Liggett Studio, 308 S. Kenosha Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma. For more information, call 918-585-1234 or visit