9×22 Dance Lab

Wednesday April 27, 2011 at 8:00 pm

Bryant Lake Bowl, 810 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 5540

BUY Tickets $6-$12/  Pay What You Can

Produced and hosted by Laurie Van Wieren

Choreographers: Erica Mott (Chicago), Rosy Simas

Named for the modest dimensions of the BLB stage, this exciting dance showcase features unfettered dance exploration. A discussion moderated by choreographer/curator Laurie Van Wieren follows each piece, giving audience and choreographer alike the opportunity to react and explore the work together.

Excerpts from The Victory Project: Mothering Disaster  *

Created and Performed by Erica Mott, Sound score and live mixing by Ryan Ingebritsen

Erica Mott presents excerpts from her Chicago Dance Makers Forum
commissioned work *The Victory Project*, a series of evening length
performances investigating the female body and its complicated relationship
with war, victory and the creation of labor through the male gaze. Inspired
by iconic sculpture and artwork the likes of Winged Victory and Honoré
Daumier’s many depictions of Marianne, Erica transforms junk into treasure
and brings forth the dialogue which happens between bodies and objects.

*Mothering Disaster is an excerpt from the Victory Project which examines
the role of the female body in post World War II America as mother,
consumer, and transmitter of information. Inspired by research of the
phenomenon of “mother blaming” and the Hiroshima Maidens, Erica examines the
importance of facade in building patriotism and economy.