Ezzat Ismail Ezzat

Ezzat Ismail Ezzat (performer) is an architect and professional dancer based in Cairo, as well as a leader in the contemporary dance scene of Egypt. He began dancing and architectural studies in 2004 with group of amateurs at Cairo University, where he dance and choreographed in different theatrical plays and won the best choreography prize for his work in “Elgens Eltalt”. In 2008, he started studying contemporary dance at Studio Emad Eddin through “Cairo Contemporary Dance Workshop Program” (2008-2011) lead by Laurence Rondoni. During this time, he met different international artists and took part in artistic propositions, workshops and performances with national and international artists.

Since completing his studies in architecture (2009) and contemporary dance (2011), Ezzat has been instrumental in developing the contemporary dance scene in Egypt. In 2010, he built Ezzat Ezzat Contemporary Dance Studio, which is one of the pioneer spaces dedicated to the art of contemporary dance. Through this space, Ezzat was able to develop as a performer, teacher and culture manager, as well as create different initiatives like the Contemporary Dance Night Series (2011- 2016), Basic Rights for Egyptian Dance Artists (BREDA, 2014), SEEDS (2015), PTP (2015), ROOTS training program (2016), artistic residencies and productions video-dance & live performances, which has had a great impact on the exposure and growth of contemporary dance in Egypt.

Website: http://www.eedancestudio.com/