Wasteland, Water, Words featured at IN >TIME Festival of Performance Art in Chicago

I am excited to be part the 2013 IN >TIME performance art festival!

This newly expanded biennial will showcase international and local artists exhibiting in 14 diverse venues across the city of Chicago.

Organized by Mark Jeffery, the festival will showcase outstanding performance work from January 11–March 2, 2013. Trevor Martin and I will be featured as a double bill on the weekend of February 22nd (8pm), 23rd (8pm) and 24th (7pm) at Links Hall. Check out the full festival schedule for more info! Hope to see you at IN >TIME!

photo by Day Still

Wasteland, Water, Words is an interdisciplinary quartet examining cultural archetypes of outlaw heroes, (the cowboy and the viking) and the impact of these archetypes on shaping masculine identity, environment and economic development. The acquisition of land, the fierce territoriality and masculinity of the frontiersman/raider, and the relationship between human, animal and land, provide the points of exploration and deconstruction for this performance project. Wasteland marks the second phase of development of the Cowboys and Vikings Project.

Following upon last year’s presentation of 5 Gaits, 4 Walls and 14 Knots at Dance Center Columbia College, which explored the mythology of cowboy archetypes, I returned to Iceland to conduct research about viking mythology and culture.

Wasteland, Water, Words is the result. It forms the second part of The Cowboys and Vikings Project and features movement by Chris Knowlton, Bryan Saner, Brian Shaw, Blake Russell as well as an original sound score by Ryan Ingebritsen in collaboration with Icelandic viking metal band, Celestine.