The inPrint Project


A sculptural dance performance choreographed by Erica Mott with movement by Erica Mott, Rachel Damon, Elisa Foshay, Anida Yoeu Ali, and Cristol Sabbagh.

Originally performed June 8th-10th, 2007, at Links Hall Chicago with opening performances by local and national artists and a Symposium on Contextualizing Art and Community. Additional performances at the Minneapolis Fringe Festival, Minneapolis MN August 14th-20th, 2007.

Developed with the generous support of the Department of Cultural Affairs’ DanceBridge program. inPrint was a movement and material-based performance examining the trafficking of women’s bodies through cultures and time. A group movement collage that incorporates live voice, projected image, and dance to explore the disposability of the female body in the human trafficking industry—a dark tale examining what we as a society throw away. inPrint offers striking images and movements which resonate on an emotional level with the audience, promoting dialogue and inquiry. Each performance was accompanied by a facilitated group discussion on one of the multi-layered issues addressing violence and humanity.

In conjunction with the Links Hall performances, guest artists provided opening performances exploring the intersection between arts and human rights: 220 Weeks of War / Acts of Love on June 8th; This Expert Slut Moans and A Reading from the Interrogation Log of Detainee 063 on June 9th, Say That! and The Monk Who Licked Me on June 10th. Earlier on June 9th, there was a Symposium on Contextualizing Art and Community.