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Palliative Neglect

Palliative Neglect

Palliative Neglect: The World Spelled Backwards, is a series of community discussions/workshops culminating in an interdisciplinary video, sound, and performance installation addressing queer health and healthcare in contemporary America.

This work is scheduled to premiere in the Summer of 2013. Led by independent choreographer/object designer/performance maker, Erica Mott, an interdisciplinary and intergenerational collective of four artists including Paul Escriva (writer, performance artist), Rebecca Kling (actor/writer), Dion Walton (female impersonator/writer), … Read more

The Cowboys and Vikings Trilogy

The Cowboys and Vikings TrilogyErica Mott's Cowboys and Vikings project creates unique space where sound, objects and movement create interactive performance environments. Ambulatory and site-specific, Cowboys and Vikings casts audience members as active participants and witness in environments of the performance. The mundane is transformed into the magical in visually and aurally arresting ways -- a harmonica bridled to the mouth of the dancer captures the wind across the vast high desert (while charting the breath/energy of the dancer during exertion). Eight-foot diameter weather allude to vast skies of the frontier and, with helium, provide the tug and unpredictability of cattle being roped.

Revised and Revisited

Revised and Revisited

A solo performance combining dance, found text, and objects written and performed by Erica Mott

Duration Performance 50 minutes. Installation Durational 50 minutes-12 hrs.

Performed December 17-19, 2009 at Links Hall in Chicago

Revised and Revisited traces Mott’s memory and absence of memory of her ancestry. Through her body, she traces her family’s journey to America through present incorporating the movement based rituals that have kept them together and ones … Read more

On the Practice of Dying

On the Practice of Dying

A solo performance written and performed by Erica Mott.
Duration 20 minutes.

Versions of this solo piece were performed August 13-16, 2009 and February 12-14th, 2010 at Links Hall in Chicago.

Initially curated by two-time Obie Award-winning artist and playwright Holly Hughes and performed at additional festivals including SELF(ish) solo fest, On The Practice of Dying traces Mott’s medical family history, theories of genetic inheritance and her inability to dance … Read more

On Love and the Lack Thereof

On Love and the Lack ThereofA solo clown performance created and performed by Erica Mott Duration 60 minutes full length, 20 minute excerpted work. Various versions of the solo performance have taken place between 2007-2010 in Chicago and Toronto. This solo theatrical piece in the style of a European clown drama, celebrates the art of sacrificial love and all the propaganda which sells it to us. Obsessed by the glamour of romance and death from a broken heart, our heroine takes us on a journey of falling in and out of line over and over and over again. Transformation is the only constant as she carves a high fashion world of seduction out of the trash dumpster in which she resides. Incorporating puppets, dance and song, the spectator receives wisdom on love from very unlikely sources. Created in collaboration with John Turner (Mump and Smoot) and Paola Coletto Kaplan.

The inPrint Project

A sculptural dance performance choreographed by Erica Mott with movement by Erica Mott, Rachel Damon, Elisa Foshay, Anida Yoeu Ali, and Cristol Sabbagh.

Originally performed June 8th-10th, 2007, at Links Hall Chicago with opening performances by local and national artists and a Symposium on Contextualizing Art and Community. Additional performances at the Minneapolis Fringe Festival, Minneapolis MN August 14th-20th, 2007.

Developed with the generous support of the Department of Cultural … Read more



A solo buffoon and butoh inspired site-specific performance by Erica Mott.
Duration 25 minutes

Versions of this solo piece were performed at the PAC/Edge Performance Festival in Chicago April 1st-10th, 2005 and  Lurie Gardens Celebration in Chicago July 10th, 2005

What do we throw away and what do we collect? And what do we have when we collect what’s thrown away? Told through movement and buffoonery, Dis*Card* was inspired by … Read more