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Revised and Revisited

Revised and Revisited

A solo performance combining dance, found text, and objects written and performed by Erica Mott

Duration Performance 50 minutes. Installation Durational 50 minutes-12 hrs.

Performed December 17-19, 2009 at Links Hall in Chicago

Revised and Revisited traces Mott’s memory and absence of memory of her ancestry. Through her body, she traces her family’s journey to America through present incorporating the movement based rituals that have kept them together and ones … Read more

re[public] in/decency

re[public] in/decency

re[public] in/decency is an inter-arts activist initiative and creative think tank that explores the trans-national intersections between live art, social justice activism and arts-informed pedagogy.

Created in 2008 through a collaboration between two professional artists: community-based developer, theatre and performance artist Coman Poon (Toronto, Canada) and cultural worker, choreographer and performance maker Erica Mott (Chicago, USA), re[public] in/decency seeks to engage diverse audiences in our interdisciplinary work while acting as a conduit between social justice activism … Read more

Excerpts from Stridulate in France

Erica performs at Roy Hart International Arts Center, Malerargues, France July 27th, 2010.

Erica will be performing excerpts from the collboratively generated performance, Stridulate under the direction of Rachel Damon and Dan Mohr. This performance will take place in conjunction with the Singing After Roy Hart Symposium convening music and performance artists from all over the world. As an invited artist, Erica and fellow Stridulate ensemble members, Rachel Damon … Read more

Erica receives prestigious Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist Award.

The Chicago Dancemakers Forum is a catalyst for innovation and a means to increase dynamic interaction among Chicago’s dancemakers. The Lab Artist program supports artistic exploration, research, and development that leads to production of a new work, culminating in public performances. The select choreographers are active in their field and developing a distinctive trajectory in their work. They possess the skills and experience to undertake a larger project of extended … Read more

On Love and the Lack Thereof

On Love and the Lack ThereofA solo clown performance created and performed by Erica Mott Duration 60 minutes full length, 20 minute excerpted work. Various versions of the solo performance have taken place between 2007-2010 in Chicago and Toronto. This solo theatrical piece in the style of a European clown drama, celebrates the art of sacrificial love and all the propaganda which sells it to us. Obsessed by the glamour of romance and death from a broken heart, our heroine takes us on a journey of falling in and out of line over and over and over again. Transformation is the only constant as she carves a high fashion world of seduction out of the trash dumpster in which she resides. Incorporating puppets, dance and song, the spectator receives wisdom on love from very unlikely sources. Created in collaboration with John Turner (Mump and Smoot) and Paola Coletto Kaplan.