How to Survive While in Exile

How to Survive While in Exile

re[public] in/decency’s How to Survive While in Exile explores the physical, psycho-emotional, political and conceptual manifestations of “being in exile”.

Duration 60 minutes, excerpted version 30 minutes.

How to Survive While in Exile premiered on January 17 & 18, 2009 at Links Hall, Chicago and has since been re-envisioned and performed at performances festivals and academic conferences including Radical Intersections: A conference bridging activism and performance practices at Northwestern University, … Read more

On Love and the Lack Thereof

On Love and the Lack ThereofA solo clown performance created and performed by Erica Mott Duration 60 minutes full length, 20 minute excerpted work. Various versions of the solo performance have taken place between 2007-2010 in Chicago and Toronto. This solo theatrical piece in the style of a European clown drama, celebrates the art of sacrificial love and all the propaganda which sells it to us. Obsessed by the glamour of romance and death from a broken heart, our heroine takes us on a journey of falling in and out of line over and over and over again. Transformation is the only constant as she carves a high fashion world of seduction out of the trash dumpster in which she resides. Incorporating puppets, dance and song, the spectator receives wisdom on love from very unlikely sources. Created in collaboration with John Turner (Mump and Smoot) and Paola Coletto Kaplan.

Stridulate : Hybrid Forms In Voice And Movement

Stridulate : Hybrid Forms In Voice And Movement

Erica performed movement and sound generated with Synapse Arts Collective‘s Stridulate Ensemble. Over the course of a year, Erica has worked intensively with vocalist Dan Mohr and choreographer, Rachel Damon, and two other performers to devise Stridulate: Hybrid Forms in Voice and Movement.

June 12-13 & 19-20, 2009. Fridays 8pm, Saturdays 4pm & 8pm at The Galaxie, Chicago

Created by collaborators Rachel Damon and Dan Mohr, the performance … Read more



Installation, Live Performances, and, Workshops addressing invisible labor and the textile industry. April 2008 Chicago Arts District Special Exhibitions Gallery

Throughout April, Erica in collaboration with performance artist/activist Sheelah Murthy, and activist organizations RATIO and TAMMS Year Ten Campaign fill the Chicago Arts District Special Exhibitions Gallery with interactive art installations, workshops and performances threading connections and weaving cultural work. In conjunction with Artopolis, Chicago’s city-wide celebration of art … Read more

The inPrint Project

A sculptural dance performance choreographed by Erica Mott with movement by Erica Mott, Rachel Damon, Elisa Foshay, Anida Yoeu Ali, and Cristol Sabbagh.

Originally performed June 8th-10th, 2007, at Links Hall Chicago with opening performances by local and national artists and a Symposium on Contextualizing Art and Community. Additional performances at the Minneapolis Fringe Festival, Minneapolis MN August 14th-20th, 2007.

Developed with the generous support of the Department of Cultural … Read more



In collaboration with Synapse Arts Collective, Erica performs with the Synapse ensemble in Grove of the Uncatchables at 

SLIT: An evening of performance + poetry. An open gallery event at

Around the Coyote, Chicago. November 16 and 18, 2007, 8PM.

Read more

Ogtel and Pernod in Closed

Erica collaborates with clown/comedian, Nick Johne under the direction of MUMP and SMOOT Horror Clown, Mike Kennard to create Ogtel and Pernod inCLOSED.

Performances taking place December  7-9th, 2007 at Spareroom, Chicago, December 14-16th, 2007 at Links Hall and January 23rd-25th at Danny Skybox at The Second City.

On an adventure to fulfil her dreams of power and fame,  clown Ogtel and her trusty servant, Pernod consult a twelve … Read more


Erica Premiered her butoh solo, Structure/Shattered at Groping Towards Dance: Butoh and the Origins of Movement

September 14 – 16, 2005 at Chicago Cultural Center Sydney R. Yates Gallery, 4th floor

Groping Towards Dance: Butoh and the Origins of Movement, curated by Nicole LeGette, showcased emerging butoh artists from across the country. This event was presented by blushing poppy productions in partnership with The Chicago Cultural Center and the Spareroom.… Read more

What To Forget

What To Forget

Nicole LeGette and Erica Mott create a performance piece in conjunction with the sculptures of Petah Coyne.

July 15 -16, 2005, Chicago Cultural Center, Sydney R. Yates Gallery, 4th floor

Nicole LeGette and Erica Mott created a performance piece involving dancers encased in hundreds of plastic bags. They weaved three different elements together: the body, the synthetic, and the natural using Butoh, an avant-garde Japanese dance style. The event … Read more



A solo buffoon and butoh inspired site-specific performance by Erica Mott.
Duration 25 minutes

Versions of this solo piece were performed at the PAC/Edge Performance Festival in Chicago April 1st-10th, 2005 and  Lurie Gardens Celebration in Chicago July 10th, 2005

What do we throw away and what do we collect? And what do we have when we collect what’s thrown away? Told through movement and buffoonery, Dis*Card* was inspired by … Read more